Exemplary Multi-Family Project: Avalon Villas


Celtic Property Management has won the 2022 ARIZONA HOUSING FORUM, BRIAN MICKELSEN HOUSING HERO AWARD and Exemplary Multi-Family Project. 

Challenge: South Phoenix, particularly the area in and around the South-Central Corridor, has been the target of substantial revitalization efforts in recent decades. These efforts have brought commercial growth, bolstered home development and fostered home ownership, and enabled a wealth of services to be injected into a once depressed and heavily blighted area.

Nonetheless, revitalization has not been without controversy, as the resultant gentrification of South Phoenix has encroached upon historic South Phoenix neighborhoods famous for their diversity and individuality. Fortunately, Phoenix’s planning efforts have acknowledged the central importance of providing high-quality, affordable housing stock and associated supportive services to underprivileged and underserved South Phoenix residents.

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"Mr. Breen's dedication to the development of low-income housing in Arizona is admirable. As President and CEO of Atlantic Development & Investments, Inc., Mr. Breen's commitment has had an indisputable positive effect on the economy of Arizona, especially in the development of low income housing."

Ruben Gallego, Arizona State Representative